Church Sign: ‘Vote For the Mormon, Not the Muslim!’

An anti-Obama pastor in a small town has opinions

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A sign outside of a church in Leakey, Texas, a tiny town of fewer than 400 people, is urging congregants to vote for Mitt Romney instead of President Obama.

“Vote for the Mormon, not the Muslim! The capitalist, not the communist!” the sign reads. Gawker reports that the sign was the idea of the church’s pastor, Ray Miller.

There are rules governing how church leaders can say about politics and still maintain their tax-exempt statuses.

  • I think this article missed the true issue surrounding this. It isn’t a matter of whether a church can or cannot speak on political issues. It’s about a white man labeling the black man with an African name as automatically a non-Christian. It’s about a preacher portraying the man doing what is within his power to help the less fortunate as Joseph did in Egypt as being a communist. Jesus washed the feet of His disciples and told them to do the same for others. Jesus told the goats to depart from Him because, by refusing to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and provide for the widows, they were in essence rejecting Him. Jesus told Philip to take the food they have and provide it to the crowd-much to his protest.