Cleveland Hero Charles Ramsey a Repeat Domestic Abuser?

Did anyone see this coming?

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charles ramseyAccording to The Smoking Gun, the man who saved three women who were captive in a Cleveland house since their early teenage years (9, 11, and 10 years captive), is a repeat domestic abuse offender.

Charles Ramsey, whose 911 call and subsequent TV interviews have made him a microcelebrity, was once a repeat spousal abuser whose marriage ended in divorce following a 2003 felony conviction for battering his wife.

Ramsey, 43, has said that when he heard captive Amanda Berry screaming and trying to escape from neighbor Ariel Castro’s home on Monday, “I figured it’s a domestic violence dispute.” Ramsey has also reportedly said that he went to help Berry because he “was raised to help women in distress.”

Ramsey’s first domestic violence charge came in February 1997. He entered a no contest plea a year later and was found guilty of the count by a Cleveland Municipal Court judge. While waiting to be sentenced, Ramsey was again arrested for domestic violence.

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  • gijayne

    Who cares? Dam! Let the man have his moment! Sheesh!

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  • TownBizness

    Does that change the fact that he saved three women being held captive? Is there some sort of requirement that a person cannot be lauded as a hero if he has done anything dumb in the past? This does not negate what he has done, he helped someone in need. There are tons of celebrities who have sordid pasts yet are still celebrated just for being famous. Charles Ramsey is famous because of a selfless act that he continues in refusing to be rewarded for!

  • So who would know better about a woman in distress than one who paid his time for having done that crime.. He could have walked away, turned his back and not intervened for fear of being accused..but this time He did the right thing… He got a second chance…

  • Shen

    Why are they digging into this man’s past. Give him his praise and done. The media is so trifling.

  • Iceman1958

    Maybe the next potential “hero” will walk away because he or she has too many skeletons in their closet and they are afraid of the media backlash after their efforts. First of all he served his time. Secondly, sometimes domestic issues are manufactured by one of the parties, who knows the true story. Domestic violence is wrong, of course, but who knows the inside story here? Leave the man alone. He redeemed himself, did his time , and stepped up like a man when he had to. Shame on the media. Why did in his life when he saved other lives?