After CNN Dumped Martin and Soledad, Is Cable News Becoming Too White?

Cable news appears to be white-washed, say critics.

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roland martin

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Cable networks like CNN and MSNC are being criticized for their lack of diversity. After recently letting go its most high-profile anchor of color, Soledad O’Brien, as well as soon-t0-be departed Roland Martin, CNN is coming under fire for seemingly making the faces of their anchor line-up more white than usual.

In a column for Journal-isms called “Why is the Network’s ‘Face’ Invariably White?” writer Richard Prince, as well as Eric Deggans who wrote “Cable News Is Still Unbearably White,” cable news’ lack of diversity is being called into question. While MSNBC have black anchors like Al Sharpton and Melissa Harris-Perry, neither of the two have been put in the marquee 8 p.m. news slot along with their white colleagues.

Read more at Huffington Post.

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  • Tireekus

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  • CodeStud3

    I don’t think people saw Soledad as anything but white.

  • I think there should be more diversity, will aid the development of growing up, and the confidence of the reader