Business Owner Kills Himself Over Obama Win?

A Key West man is found dead with the words 'F**k Obama' written over his will

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A Key West, Florida man who told his partner that “if Barack gets re-elected, I’m not going to be around” was found dead on Nov. 8 with the words “F— Obama!” written on his will and two empty prescription bottles nearby, according to the Miami Herald.

Henry Hamilton, 64, was the owner of Tropical Tan on Duval Street in Key West, Florida. The Affordable Healthcare Act, better known as “Obamacare,” slaps a 10% tax on indoor tanning businesses, like the one Hamilton owned. Hamilton may have been upset over the increase in taxes for his business. According to his partner Michael Cossey, Hamilton was “very upset about the election results….he was very stressed out about his business.” Cossey said that the last time they spoke was on election night.

The officers found two empty prescription bottles near his body – one for Xanax, used to treat anxiety, and one for Seroquel which is prescribed for schizophrenia.

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  • tbaby2

    I was wondering when I would read that someone thought that badly about his OWN life as to take it due to an election. While standing in a grocery line right before the election I heard a guy in front of me say something to the same effect. Really!? Well, I say let it be a mass exodus if they like. Fewer idiots to deal with. So in 4 long years, where will those who cared about him be and how is it his death will always be linked to a BLACK man that was more important to this country than any other-besides Martin Luther King Jr.

  • TruthTeller

    And the Darwin Award (for self-removal from the human gene pool) goes to….^^^This guy! Gonna kill yourself over an election result? See ya! Life is worth more than politics or taxes. Buh-bye!

  • Mew

    I wouldnt pay for something that I can get for free doing regular chores outside. Especially in Florida. Thats why his business sucked.

  • one less idiot on this earth

  • one less IDIOT walking this earth

  • I am shocked by the lack of compassion. No doubt, this was a stupid thing to do. This man had issues and needed help. I think the one issue that binds both conservatives & liberals is that we all agree that as a society we should help those individuals that need help. Instead of saying “one less idiot on earth”, we should be saying “Wow, how did all of our outreach programs miss this one? Our sympathy to his loved ones that he left behind.”
    Please don’t be “that man” who referred to the deceased as an idiot. Please be helpful, kind and compassionate.