Black CNN Camerawoman Talks About Peanut Throwing Incident

Patricia Carroll said there weren't many black people at the convention

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From Think Progress

The black CNN camerawoman who had peanuts thrown at her earlier this week at the Republican National Convention is speaking out.

Patricia Carroll said that while she could count the amount of black people on her hand at the RNC, the incident could occur anywhere.

“This situation could happen to me at the Democratic convention or standing on the street corner. Racism is a global issue,” she said.

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  • DermPA

    This was so staged it’s ridiculous!!! Democrats pulled this same type of stint by strategically placing people in Tea Party Rally events then making obscene comments/behaviors. There are a lot of democrats at RNC conventions and visa versa. They were magically escorted out without be asked who they were?? Democrats maybe?? lol Or this alleged incident happened to a camera woman.. but nothing was caught on tape or camera phones?? I mean come on!! It’s sad that the Democrats consistently subject themselves to such deplorable behavior!!! They do anything for attention when the spotlight is not on them..

    • Taw001

      Not to mention they threw it at a CNN crew.. hoping it would make the news!! so obvious!