Bill Cosby Speaks on Trayvon Martin Case

The comedy icon shares his thoughts on the shooting death that's gone national

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(Image: Getty)

(Image: Getty)

Since the shooting death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman on February 26, countless people have spoken out on the case–including celebrity columnist David Banner (click here). Now, the always-opinionated comedy icon Bill Cosby adds his perspective on the national story.

In a recent interview with the Washington Times, Mr. Cosby focused in on the fact that Zimmerman had a gun as evidence that he was in the power position, which is a major flaw in his “stand your ground” defense. “Without a gun, I don’t see Mr. Zimmerman approaching Trayvon by himself,” he said. “The power-of-the-gun mentality had him unafraid to confront someone. Even police call for backup in similar situations.”

Pushing for tighter gun legislation, Mr. Cosby continued, “We’ve got to get the gun out of the hands of people who are supposed to be on neighborhood watch,” he said. “When you carry a gun, you mean to harm somebody, kill somebody.”

  • NPalmer

    Unfair Bill. Having a gun doesn’t make me likely to kill or shoot someone. Some years ago, I was accosted by two young black men, one armed with a knife, late night, dark street, me alone with no cops available. I was armed. I did pull my pistol in self defense – and told them to leave (crudely, I must admit). They did. Quickly. Legally, I could have shot them both. My actions were, and are, a choice – certainly not dictated by the absense or presence of a firearm. Also, not by the fact I am white and they were black. I don’t see myself as all that different from anyone else in the same circumstance.

  • Dkeating

    I’m a neighborhood watch block captain, a holder of a CC permit as well as a federal firearms license. With the gun in my possession I don’t “mean to harm somebody”…I mean to keep myself from being harmed. That being said, I don’t go out looking for trouble/picking a fight. If trouble finds me I’m going to draw that gun to neutralize the attack–preferrably holding them at bay at a respectable distance and shooting only if necessary. As a neighborhood watch guy I familiarize myself as best as I can with who belongs there and what might they be doing. There was a house alarm going off..did I go in myself? hell no..I called the sherrifs and kept an eye on the place until they arrived..that house wasn’t my ground to stand or my castle to fall back to.


    A neighborhood watch does that watch. Asecurty gaurd, gaurds and a policeman protects. Howcan all these be one and the same. Why would 911 operator request one to stand down. Why would after been requested to stand down would one still move from stand down to proceed to give chase. But most of all why would a supposedly intellegent police chief justify that has standing your ground. Still say this is typical of the system when it comes to justice of black men in this country. TRAVON is seen by the system has one less negro to deal with, an indirect murder by the system (culling of young black men). Is this justice or just us???



  • Floyd Shelby

    The line is long for justice for all parents that have had a child killed. I don’t recall any protests, honors, support from the ACLU or anything else for the young couple (Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome)from Knoxville, TN that were brutally tortured, killed and discarded like garbage by 5 thugs. The Zimmerman/Martin incident was a tragedy, an accident….but in no way begins to compare to the animalistic behavior mentioned above. Yet, where is the outrage?

  • Mark Bryant

    Wow, I believe Bill Cosby’s mind has exited stage left. “These a..holes always get away”. George Zimmerman was not referring to white, latino, or other a..holes. His brother, friends, and father all have said that there have been problems with blacks breaking into homes in the neighborhood. Trayvon was racially profiled, and then hunted like an animal. Zimmerman was trigger happy as he always wanted to be a cop, and he knew that black men have always been easy target practice because the police do not view the lives of black men to be of any value which allowed George Zimmerman the opportunity to be a cop, create lies to a story made for Disney, and probably be set free for murdering a 17 year old black child.

    • aruba19

      Mark Bryant says: ““These a..holes always get away”. George Zimmerman was not referring to white, latino, or other a..holes.”

      In fact, he was. He was referring to criminals in general and was decrying the fact that the police are so slow to respond that criminals get away most of the time. Perhaps that was the reason he decided to follow Martin and keep him in sight until the police got there?

    • gaylene hans

      well said-
      he lied, he disregarded orders, and just did everything wrong!!!

  • Frank

    Bill: I have been a fan of yours for about four decades. Most of the time I agree with many of your positions. However, I respectfully disagree with your ‘power of the gun’ mentality. You are in effect equivocating Mr. Zimmerman with gang-bangin’ street thugs and worse. Carrying a gun does not give the responsible carrier a sense of invulnerability or imagined super powers. It does (at least to those of our generation(s))give a sense of increased responsibility. I was taught at a very young age to never point a gun at anything I did not intend to shoot. I hope Mr Zimmerman was instructed similarly. I am curious Bill, in whose hands do you want to see guns?

    From what I have heard and seen from all sides cannot all be true. Mr. Zimmerman is not the card-carrying KKK devil personified, neither is an angel. Trayvon was not a hulking wannabe ‘thugz for life’ neither was he am adorable 12 year old who never done anything wrong in his life… Trayvon and Mr. Zimmerman both made terrible mistakes- fatal mistakes.

    We all have to let justice take its course, and allow the healing to begin. Enough thoughtless and inappropriate things have already been said by the usual suspects on both sides. You, of all people I respect, are better than this.

    • aruba19

      Well said, Frank. Thank you.

  • JJ

    I disagree 100% with you Mr. Crosby. I carry a gun to protect myself and always will.
    Cops call for backup to keep from being sued more than not.

  • aruba19

    Pushing for tighter gun legislation, Mr. Cosby continued, “We’ve got to get the gun out of the hands of people who are supposed to be on neighborhood watch,” he said. “When you carry a gun, you mean to harm somebody, kill somebody.”

    Mr. Cosby you are mistaken. Many people carry a gun because they mean to keep others from harming them. Like using their face as a punching bag then beating their head on the ground for instance…. but I digress…. Mister Zimmerman was LEGALLY carrying a gun. We need to disarm gang-bangers and thugs and leave armed, law abiding citizens alone. Had martin not attacked Zimmerman, he’d be alive right now.