Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Named Most Admired People of 2014

Despite the ups and downs in popularity numbers, Obama and Clinton are most admired amongst Americans

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According to recent Gallup poll results, Americans view President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as two of the most admired people in the world in 2014.

Making the prestigious list is nothing new to Clinton or POTUS, with Clinton having appeared on the list 19 times, easily the most of any woman in Gallup history. This year, is her 17th time in 18 years appearing in the No. 1 spot for most admired women, and Obama’s 7th year in the top spot for men.  Clinton’s streak was interrupted by former first lady Laura Bush in 2001 following the 9/11 terror attacks.

Joining them on the list are a sea of other prominent figures such as Oprah Winfrey, who came in at No.2 on the list for women, Condoleeza Rice, First Lady Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton, Ben Carson and Bill Gates just to name a few.

Although both Clinton and Obama have been on a roller coaster ride in terms of popularity numbers this year, Gallup’s recent results show that they both remain prominent enough to be most admired by Americans today. Information for the poll was gathered by telephone interviews that took place Dec. 8-11, 2014, with a random sample of 805 adults who were asked to name the woman and man they admired most.

SOURCE: Gallup

  • Tim Frenchko

    Looks like KCM let Bush down on the whole Iraqi thing.

  • Tim Frenchko

    Looks like KCM let Bush down on the whole Iraqi thing.

  • Vernon Yost

    The 80/20 theory in reverse

  • boulcut

    Most Admired? HAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Now that was good! Who comes up with these ridiculous assumptions anyway?

  • Vladamir

    Admired for what? Most countries bombed? Most part time jobs ever created? Most Executive Memorandums? MOST LIES?

  • Steven Shiner

    Would you want Obama’s job???? I sure would not, too many arm chair quarterbacks….. As Ronald Reagan once said “one has to look and ask themselves the question. Are YOU better off today then you were 4 years ago?” The answer for most is a big time YES. So why all the haters?

  • gross out

    Hillbilly would best be the most lying, fake piece of non-presidential garbage…only after mittie boy romney. smmfh
    Obama….smh as well. Bush was pure trash

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