• Ron

    Yeah cause it would be a real shame if those big banks had a little less money stuffed in their pockets!!

  • Kelly

    While I’ll agree we live in a capitalistic nation that adheres to the fundamentals of survival(of course),I would abstain from banks that only offer accounts that indulged in only offering accounts in which benifits the bank, Period !

  • Nate

    Nothing is forcing anyone to have accounts at big banks. I had BoA until they threatened to impose the $5 fee. I switched to a local bank and credit union.. I miss the convenience of locations everywhere but I don’t miss the feeling of anticipation of being ripped off. The customer service is better and with the credit union money in the checking account bears interest. So there are trade offs.

  • Roger

    I had a fat BoA checking account, savings account, mortgage and a credit card (I would not have been subject to any of the controversial fees). Now, my checking account and savings accounts have so little money in them (a combined total of $0.08) I laugh every time I see the statement for those two accounts. I have about $5k on the credit card with no interest until August, at which time I plan to move the balance of my account to the credit union I opened a new credit card with, along with a checking (draft) and a savings account (share) – you actually OWN part of the credit union. While my mortgage will be staying with BoA for a little longer, it will be totally paid off in about 1 year. The balance on my debt and mortgage were too small to get another mortgage, or I would have closed that account, too. I, like Nate, opened an account at a locally owned bank and a credit union. While they are both located only in this area, the credit union I joined had a service called “Shared Branching.” This allows an account holder to go to any other credit union that participates in “Shared Branching” ANYWHERE in the WORLD and perform exactly the same transactions you would at your own branch, with no added fees. That was the clincher for me.
    So by moving my accounts to a credit union and a local bank, I have no fees; easy access to my money from anywhere in the world; Interest on checking (low, but better than BoA); and everyone knows me by name (and says hello using it) when I come in.
    That last part means the most to me. It makes me feel like I am appreciated, unlike the feeling I got at almost every BoA branch I have ever been in, where my money was important – not me.
    If you bank with BoA, or any of the other big banks for that matter, and want to change whom you are banking with, pick a local bank or choose a credit union that is part of the “Shared Branching” system. Then, move as many accounts as you can to it. Doing so will give you a feeling of satisfaction – unless you are one of the billions of shareholders of one of the biggest banks – and you’ll know your money is staying in your community, helping your neighbors finance their dreams, just as their money will help finance yours.