Asian Fraternity Makes Jay-Z Video in Blackface

Asian fraternity was jamming to "Suit and Tie"

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asian fraternity blackface jay-zSeveral members from Lambda Theta Delta, an Asian-American fraternity at University of California, Irvine, made a video in which they danced and lip synced to Justin Timberlake’s “Suit and Tie,” Newsone reports.

Fifty-five seconds into the two-minute video, a man donning Blackface appears, supposedly portraying hip-hop star Jay-Z.

The fraternity’s president, Darius Obana, denies the accusations of racism, saying the person wearing Blackface in the video is a UC Irvine junior who was “just trying to be Jay-Z.” But most students interviewed over the incident did not agree with Obana’s perspective.

Obana claims the fraternity apologized for the video on its website and has reached out to the Black Student Union.

Read more at and watch the video at Newsone.



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  • Not offensive..

  • M E

    Not racist at all! Asians like rap and hip hop too, so if they wanted to enhance their costume with black face so what, Black face is ONLY racist when WHITES do it, because whites invented BF for the sole purpose of hate, it was/is a weapon of sorts used to demonize Black Americans. Asians and Blacks do not have historic beef unlike whites and Blacks. Blacks in yellow face is fine, Asians in Black face is fine.
    They were paying HOMAGE to their Black heroes of rap, not trying to hurt, but to even things out, I suppose they could done white face for the other two Asian guys, but I guess they did not want to incur the wrath of white people.

    • phreaktor

      “paying homage to their Black heroes of rap” hahahahaha..