Ariz. Sheriff Joe Arpaio Racially Profiled Latinos

America's "toughest sheriff" plans to appeal judge's ruling

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be newsPut this one in the “things we didn’t need a judge to confirm” file:

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a racial profiler, ruled a federal judge on Friday.  (Not ringing a bell? Arpaio employs the “show me your papers” tactic against Latinos he and his deputies suspect of being in the country illegally.)

U.S. District Judge Murray Snow validated charges of racial profiling from critics of the Maricopa County sheriff, who has publicly championed immigration status checks on “suspicious” Latino motorists.

Arpaio’s response? He’ll appeal the ruling, says lead attorney Tim Casey.

“In the meantime, we will meet with the court and comply with the letter and spirit of the order,” Casey told The Associated Press.