Are Michael Jackson’s Kids Really His?

There has been some question about the paternity of Michael Jackson's kids since 2009

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michael jackson kidsKatherine Jackson may be worried about what surrogate mother and Michael Jackson’s former wife, Debbie Rowe, will say about the paternity of Michael Jackson’s children in the upcoming wrongful death trial against concert promoter AEG Live, Newsone reports.

Reportedly, Katherine Jackson, Michael’s mom, is worried that Rowe will testify that Michael Jackson is not the biological father of his three children, which will hurt their wrongful death case. And Katherine’s lawyers are said to be attempting to question Rowe, who is listed as a witness for Michael’s mother and AEG, about what she intends to say on trial.

If it’s proven that the plaintiffs in the case, Michael’s children Blanket, Prince and Paris, don’t have “any legal ties” to Michael, it could stop them from potentially benefiting from the $40 billion suit against AEG.

Read more at Newsone.

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  • corlista

    Horse crap. His name is on the birth certificate. He was married to their mother when they were born. He is their father legally. Period. Even if he didn’t biologically father them, – and I’m not saying he didn’t – why don’t you ask all the adopted and surrogated children out there if they think they’re parents aren’t really their parents. What Neanderthal thinking!

  • angelosdaughter

    Wish they’d quit calling Prince Michael II “Blanket”. That was a baby nickname his father gave him, He’s a little old for it now.

  • They sure don’t look a bit like him. Not a one has kinky hair.

  • Hell NO! His genes would NEVER let him produce children that look like that.

    By LAW, they are really his, ‘By Law’