Anti-Obama Signs In Massachusetts Stir Controversy

Ads targeting the president take anti-ad campaigns to new lows

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From Huffington Post.

Two anti-Obama signs in Massachusetts are turning heads, but for all the wrong reasons. So much so that local residents have expressed their distaste.

One billboard ad depicts a young white girl pouting, while holding her middle finger up with the message, “Thanks, Obama. You spent my lunch money, my allowance, my inheritance, 35 years of future paychecks and my retirement, you jerk.” While the ad clearly points to criticisms of what Republicans characterize as President Barack Obama‘s fiscal recklessness, the pointing of the girl’s finger has become true center of controversy.

The other ad pushes the envelop further, illustrating a picture of the president with the message, “Somewhere in Kenya, a village is missing idiot Obama. One big ass mistake America.”

It was reported that the man responsible for both ads, Robert Sullivan, does not have the proper permits necessary to install the signs.

Read more at Huffington Post.

  • Jim DeProspero

    The billboards speak the TRUTH

  • NHConstitutionalist

    If he owns a truck he can put it on the tail gate or on the back of his car. If he own his own home put a banner on his house.
    We still have freedom of expression even in MA.
    I would recommend he has an alam system and serious lighting on his property.Two large dogs wouldn’t hurt either.
    The hippocritical liberals will protest in their usual outraged fashion but certainly aren’t above engaging in property damage. But Heaven forbid a consevative puts up a sign expressing what he believes.

  • Jack Broderick

    Liberals always complain about what anyone else says but all their hate speech is just fine with them and their cohorts the MEDIA.
    A certain portion of the Black community will always complain about something, and you can bet if Obama loses for years they will blame the white people for his loss, it will become the same sad story they use now which is callng everything or anybody that doesn’t go their way will be called racist.
    The real hard working Blacks in this country are even called uncle Toms and many other unsavory name by their own people, because they may happen to be conservative.
    Now the democratic party wants to stop companies from making profit. So if that happens who will create jobs and start businesses? There will be no capitol to invest and there will be no jobs. Those with the capitol will leave this country and take their money with them.
    So if that’s what you lefties want go ahead and do it, and when this country becomes a third world cesspool you’ll rue the day you asked for it.

    • Joe1938

      When the last of the capitalist leave the “changed” US and slam the door behind them, may those who are left enjoy the FEMA camps.

  • underthewire

    DARN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Obama just an’t get around he failers………love it!

  • Joe1938

    How much lower can a campaign get than the one presented by the marijuana retarded puppet?!

  • Joe1938

    PS: Gotta add one more thing here; GK Gaynor, what kind of seizure would you have if I created a web site and called it “White Enterprise, Wealth for Life”?!

  • JP

    Our US Ambassador was KILLED by rioting muslims because ObaMao bragged about KILLING OSAMA! They were shouting “Obama, We are all Osamas!”