WATCH: Al Sharpton’s 3 Steps To Job Seeking Success

National Action Network president says it takes vision and strategic action to combat joblessness

As the keynote speaker at the Black Enterprise 20/20 Vision Forum, sponsored by Walmart, the Rev. Al Sharpton encouraged proper vision and strategic action to create job opportunities. (Image: Gerard Gaskin)

The Rev. Al Sharpton, keynote speaker at Black Enterprise’s 20/20 Vision Forum: Job Creation and Career Opportunities in the Next Economy on June 29, urged the more than 150 attendees to develop and act on clear visions and channel the perseverance of leading predecessors to achieve success. During the event, sponsored by Walmart, he and other expert panelists gave insight and strategies to combat national unemployment, a rate that is now at more than 16% for African Americans.

Watch the National Action Network president as he details three motivational steps for job seekers to get hired:

Video Editor: Kahliah Laney

  • Clifford Mealy

    AL SHARPTON! What job has he ever held aside from being a povertian?

  • memorizeandrecall

    What is a povertian? His title SPEAKS FOR HIS WORK: REVEREND. It’s kind if like asking, what is the bosses job besides being a Bossy Boss. When I look back where he started and compare it to where Rev. Sharpton is now that is success whether I like it or not.

  • Rogerthat

    I think that if you are an educated black person you should be able to find a job or move into entrepreneurship by getting with companies like black enterprise and participating in events such as this to network with the proper people. Too many times we have to put ourselves down as a group to the things that “don’t” work like the cycles of poverty in the inner city. As for reverend Sharpton he is doing his job. He is a speaker and a connector. We must get out of this thing especially with black men that a “job’ means digging ditches even though we may have education to compete as innovators and professionals and a lot of times as especially in my own case i consistently out perform the other demographics when given the “proper” opportunities.

  • Clifford Mealy

    Povertian-one who makes a living off the poverty of others.

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