A Woman With a Cause: Reparations

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Queen Mother Dr. Delois Blakely, the community mayor of Harlem, New York, wants reparations. (Source: Black Enterprise)

Queen Mother Dr. Delois Blakely, the community mayor of Harlem, New York, is clearly a woman on a mission, and that mission is reparations to African Americans for slavery.

When Barack Obama was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2004, she immediately saw him as the prime advocate in the nation’s seat of power for her cause. Undeterred by members of his staff, who during her several visits to his Washington office, said Sens. Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer are your senators, she simply replied, “He’s the only black person [in that chamber], so he must be my senator.”

Not one to take any chance for granted, Blakely took advantage of a visit that Michelle Obama made to New York before the presidential to pitch her cause to the incoming first lady.

“Michelle didn’t have any friends at the time because the powers that be in the Democratic Party were going with Clinton,” Blakely recalls. “So when she gathered with us, I had the time and the honor of talking with her and asking what her husband’s platform was for reparations. She was so gracious that she gave me someone to work with around my concerns.”

Blakely has already written what she calls a “love letter” to Obama, hoping that once he’s sworn in, he will seriously consider reparations. “I’ve asked that he give me his wife to work with me on this. She doesn’t have to do any work, I’ll do it for her, but I need her to champion the cause.”

And, again, not one to miss an opportunity, she has already alerted Sen. Roland Burris, who has filled Obama’s vacated Senate seat, that she’ll be calling on him, too.

  • Willie

    Kudos to Dr. Blakely! Please keep/add me to your email list to receive periodic updates on this matter, and let e know what i can do from Maryland. I have no reservations about communicating with our elected officials.

  • Between the hundreds of thousands of Union dead and the trillions of dollars spent on welfare, food stamps, Section 8 and etc. since 1933, I consider reparations as PAID IN FULL!! Want to start a second Civil War that will make the first one look like a kid’s soccer game? Push reparations, with or without President Obama behind it!!!

  • Robbins Mitchell

    Well,obviously this person with the pretentious name is intellectually incapable of dealing with the historical record….that her black ancestors were captured and sold into slavery by their fellow African blacks who then sold them to any and all comers….if she had an ounce of personal integrity she would be advocating trying to recover damages from the original culprits and not from latter day American taxpayers who are over 2 centuries removed from the original tort and bear no financial responsibility,either individually or collectively,for the plight of this person’s ancestors….but it’s a lot easier for her to guilt trip liberal whites and slam ‘Mister Charley’ as the original culprits rather then African blacks who actually did the acts in question….this is why this person is treated as a pitiable joke and will be so treated in the future…..you can only shuck and jive people for so long before they catch on to that okeydoke…..and speaking for myself,I don’t owe her funky black ass a dime.

  • BallinOnWF

    Apparently 600,000 deaths weren’t enough. Our dear Queen wants more. Blood-soaked money, anyone? Everybody loves a hand-out.

  • European Descendant

    It is amazing WHAT and HOW we think today. All of these comments have no sense of REAL information. Remember, HISTORY is HIS STORY – – the one telling it at the time, and at those times African Slaves had no say…so what do African Descendants say now? Reparations has NEVER been paid – 40 acres and Mule anyone??? We must remember HOW America became what it is. Yes, immigrants had something to do with it; however the bulk was African Slaves who built this place called the United States of America.

    As for Africans selling their own to Europeans – Again, know your HIS STORY, which shows that the type of enslavement endured by African Slaves was NEVER intended. If I put a gun to the head of your wife and say give me your daughter or I will shoot your wife, what would you do knowing that they will take both or kill them anyway? War was something that Africans never endured to the magnitude until the invasion of Europeans.

    We have yet to move pass racism, even with Obama in office as President. As we see now, the same Banks that were bailed out are the same banks that uprooted, brutalized, beat, raped, and sodomized African men, women and children as commodity. We have to have a healing process. To this day, the Holocaust is NEVER forgotten about nor is THEIR Reparations – JAPAN too from Pearl Harbor among others, so African Descendants must “just get over it?”


    Over 100 million died in the ocean, not including those that were brought and sold into slavery. Why do we think that President Clinton apologized for Slavery or George W. Bush named the ONLY one of its kind – The African Burial Ground National Monument down in Wall Street, NYC or even better, – President Clinton and President Bush visited Goree Island? There has to be a reason and I guess it is because they know what many do not and that is Reparations, Reparations, Reparations –

    Be forth coming and open to reality not fallacy. It will only keep you more ignorant and blinded from the Truth that ALWAYS surfaces and is preserved no matter how deep you bury it –