Conservative 6-Year-Old Gives Reasons Not To Vote For Obama

Isaac Anthony gives ten reasons why Obama doesn't deserve another term in office

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A video clip has gone viral of a 6-year-old conservative, gun-toting boy stating his dislike for President Obama.

In the video which runs slightly over 2 minutes, Isaac Anthony gives his 10 reasons why you shouldn’t vote for President Obama in the November elections.

Here are a few of his reasons:

10. “He wants to take money from people who work hard and give it to people who don’t work at all.

9. “He wants everybody to wait in a long line to see a doctor.”

What do you think of the first few reasons he provided?

View the video and the rest of his reasons here

  • This kid is smarter than the morons who voted for obuttma.

  • he is a future KKK member. you already have to wait a long time to see a doctor, and obama helped rich banks more than poor people. our country is getting dumber and dumber, and Mike Gregg, go to hell

    • Is_it_NOV_yet

      The face of racism resides only within your own mirror.

    • Pulling the race card…that’s all you can come up with just because somone disagrees with Obama.

    • savagenation

      Another Democrat briainwashing. KKK was created up of DEMOCRATS. It was your Democrat party who loved their KKK member Robert Bryrd they never raised a concern over him, while branding the Evil Republicans as the Racists.
      Revisionist history brainwashing will destroy your mind and soul.

      Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad

      Some are MUCH MORE equal than others.

  • CTSadler

    If a six year old can state your positions, you’ve got one stupid platform.

    • WRONG…If a six-year-old can state your postions, your platform is based on simple common sense.

      • So you’d do what a 6 year old told you as a way of life?

        • jmaz

          As opposed to some coddled, millionaire rapper???

    • It’s not that the kid can parrot the talking points, it’s that only a six year old would believe that crap. People are upset Medicare/caid costs so much, yet the law forbids the government from negotiating prices. It’s working just as it was designed. Don’t like it? Blame the GOP for letting big pharma/insurance write the laws for them. Can’t afford it? Vote out the GOP and get someone in there that works for the people! And corporations AREN’T people.

  • This kid should be running for POTUS. He tells it like it is.

    He’s not old enough? Barry0 already dispensed the those antiquated eligibility requirements of the Constitution….

  • The typical republican… 1st grade education, but they think they have all the answers… What that kid needs is an ass whooping to learn him not to be a fucking GOP sheep and pull his head out of his ass…

    • Jakester

      Wow Alan. How eloquently put. So convincing. It shows the advantage of an advanced degree in “mean” gives.

      • gbrum1

        It’s scary that someone like Alan probably actually believes the garbage he spews, but what is even more frightening is that a moron like Alan might somehow figure out how to vote.

      • It’s tough love… The little redneck is the kind of kid that grows up to be the kind of blind hate bigot that you see arrested for beating homeless people.

    • savagenation

      Jealous he went 2 grades farther than you? True Xenophobic Fear & Hatred ending with calls for violence on a child. Real Big Man.

      The typical Democrat… Public school education, but they KNOW they have all the answers… What they need is to check the Congressional Voting records for issues like Abolition with REPUBLICAN written & supported, Democrat opposed 13th Amendment, and the REPUBLICAN Voting Rights Act, Democrats FILLIBUSTERED. If they removed their craniums from their Southern White Redneck LB Johnson Democrat brainwashing, they might realize they have been supporting and voting for THE Pro-Slavery party all along!

      • You’re not as smart as you think, doucher… I’m white. I use that avatar because I like his youtube videos. Typical republican… you should take a look at, oh say, this decade.. who’s been fillibustering? Who’s set a record for fillibusters??? I’d say you were brain washed, but that would imply you have a brain.

  • Foto Bob

    Why are any of you concerned about what a 6 year old has to say?

    • JcX1111

      he’s probably going to a keynote speaker in Tampa – something about “messaging to your audience’s level”…

  • Will it ever end? Hate poisoning yet another generation.