15 Business Quotes For Every Successful Entrepreneur

The feeling of winning has never felt better

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Greatness requires work, skill, a bit of luck, and a whole lot of faith. As an entrepreneur these are the tenets that one lives and breathes when creating within an industry and searching for that next hit of motivation.

To be a game changer, an individual able to take culture into the next phase, one must embrace challenges and obstacles. By choosing to be a successful entrepreneur one decides to be tested regularly. With so many odds against you when embarking on this irrational road to riches and acclaim, it is healthy to note that most whom triumph have an unwavering focus and strong commitment to excellence.

Through the ups and downs, Black Enterprise aims to connect you to some of the greatest minds in industry and commerce with 15 business quotes for every successful entrepreneur. Make sure you have your pen and pad ready… school is in session! Special thanks goes out to @EntrepreneurQ (Entrepreneur Quotes) for the wise words.

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