Trayvon Martin’s Parents Seek Financial Help From Florida Fund

Parents of slain teenager have yet to receive compensation from state fund

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trayvon martin parents in churchThe parents of slain teenager Trayvon Martin are asking for an undisclosed amount of money from a Florida fund, according to the Associated Press.

The state fund that Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin are requesting money from is used to help crime victims with funeral expenses and counseling.

Fulton applied for the compensation benefits shortly after her son was shot by George Zimmerman in late February. Payouts from the Crimes Compensation Trust Fund can reach up to $30,000.

Martin’s parents have been deemed eligible for the benefits by a Florida legislator but they have yet to receive a check from the office.

It is unknown as to why the Martin’s are requesting the compensation.

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  • mnorris

    Close your eyes and think of someone you love with all your heart. Now imagine that you’re in the same situation as the Martin family. Think of the heartbreak, the frustration, and the endless waiting for justice. Of course there were funeral expenses and if the Martin family needs counseling so be it. Lets get the lest of these help!

    • Really? Their thug son attacks an innocent guy and dies due to the guy exercising his right to self defense, and you think taxpayers should bankroll this POS’s funeral expenses? No wonder this country is failing. I really look forward to taking our country back this November.

  • Jane F Evans

    making money off a dead child is pathetic.

    • lro

      How exactly are they making money of a dead child; the fact that their child is deceast is pathetic and the fact that the murdered made hundreds of thousands as a result is pathetic. They can’t request funds to lay their son to rest! Ignorance in this day and age is pathetic……

      • Damn the evidence, right Iro?

  • sue


  • OldDogg

    Getting a trademark for “Justice for Treyvon”
    tells the complete story of these money grubbing losers. This is just the icing
    on the cake. They need classes to learn how to raise children not to act
    violently at every turn. They want money for the self described
    “nolimitnigga” getting what he deserved. How pathetic and predictable.
    I hope they don’t make enough to purchase a bottle of Hennessey and carton of Newports.

    • mark

      You’re a heartless disgusting , dispicable internet racist ( someone that says racist things on the internet but acts all cool when they see a minority in person. I’m not racist i have a black friend) This is exactly what the fund was set up for. If your stupid mom or retarted daughter needed it you’d be signing up for it to. I bet if it was a white family you’d have nothing to say. Do the world a favor and please dont procreate, better yet kill yourself

      • OldDogg

        Mark sobs and blubbers then states “This is exactly what the fund was set up for.” The attorney general for Florida states this ” It also
        designates a Victims Compensation Trust Fund to assist victims of
        violent personal crimes to pay for stipulated expenses they incur
        as a result of the crime.” >>>>>>>> Trayvon is the assailant and GZ is the victim and has proof of the injuries caused by the “nolimitnigga” as Trayvon likes to call himself. If the day ever comes that GZ is found guilty of a “crime” then perhaps his lowlife parents can “collect”. His so called parents had no business raising a goat let alone a child. Now go sit in the corner and hush up.

      • Mark – Wrong! This fund was set up to aid the families of victims, not criminals. Martin was a thug who picked the wrong guy to attack. The threat was ended appropriately and legally.

        And playing the raciest card? Really?

  • geoh777

    “It is unknown as to why the Martin’s are requesting the compensation.”

    Why would anybody ask for free money? It is just beyond me.

  • mark

    How can you chase someone down, be told by the police to “not follow” I repeat “we do not need you to follow him” and still be considered the victim. At least, he facilitated this death. He was a known racist-stereotyper. He shot an unarmed man, even in the wild west he would have been prosecuted. I remember the good ‘ol days when people had enough balls to fight or run, now everyone has a gun and is dying to use it (no pun intended) The kid was like a hundread pounds, zimmerman couldnt fight him off and make it to a nearby house, the fact is he wanted to shoot that kid, he chased him down, started an altercation, and subsequently shot an unarmed boy. My last post told a retard to kill himself, but i dont know if i can live in a world where we gun down unarmed people and use race and unfounded fears to justify it, may be i should kill myself. Naww… too many racist a$$holes would like that.