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  • This is great. MJ is always the best.

  • Nadia

    Whitney Houston is just…her talent was beyond words at her peak. No one but God himself could provide that type of voice. That type of talent. Timing. Arrangement. The only reason she isn’t #2 is because she stopped. She got married, baby, and laid low. But as much as I love Mariah, and as truly talented as she is, my God, Whitney was something above words. It’s just so hard to describe Whitney’s voice and vocal abilities, in mere words.

  • Nadia

    PRINCE – This man has created music from “Lady Cab Driver”, to “International Lover” to the forever classic and adorned “Adore” to “I Would Die For You” to “Kiss” to so many others. And that doesn’t even include the vast list of songs he produced and created for other artists, “You Got The Look” Sheena Easton, “Glamorous Life” Sheila E, and as he actually created yes created all of The Time’s music and only hired Morris Day and the band to play live, he created the music for “777-9311” , “Gigalo’s Get Lonely To”, “The Walk”, “Cool”, “Jungle Love”, all classics yes all music Prince created! And the #1 hit “No One Compares To You” Seane O’Connor, the #1 hit “Manic Monday” The Bangles, “I Feel For You” Chaka Khan, and the #1 “Screams of Passion” The Family was responsible for finding Alexander O’Neal who created many RnB classics, “If You Were Here Tonight”, “Sunshine”, “Criticize”, “Saturday Love” amongst others, and Prince also founded Jimmy Jam and Terry Louis who he placed in the original band The Time, and later created the monumental career and music for Janet Jackson’s career. Most of her music was from Jimmy Jam and T Louis. And many others. They are truly legends. And of course that doesn’t touch Prince’s 1999, DMSR, Controversy, the legendary “I Wanna Be Your Lover”, “Temptation”, “Scandalous”, “Batman” and the all time album favorite, “Purple Rain” whichi is highly regarded as one of if not the best album ever made. Of all time. Prince is one of few artists that can be labled as being the music industry. He’s influenced and affected so many. His music in Purple Rain alone made a masterpiece of epic proportions from one album. This man was a child prodigy before his teens playing almost 20 instruments. His accomplishments are far beyond, many, great, iconic, vastly influential, legendary and truly, gifted.

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  • MJ forever be my favorite, I love singing as well as dance

  • MJ forever be my favorite, I love singing as well as dance

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