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  • Karen Lewis

    Don Cornelius was one of the most influential genius of his time. I credit him for helping me to be myself. Growing up was not easy during this time and Soul Train made you feel proud to be black and “hip”. The “LIFESTYLE” was and (forever will be) and era that time will never be able to replace or even try to duplicate.


    During Don’s time we did have some soul and some Black pride. We lost all of our soul and black pride. We can’t have Black Pride if we don’t know who we are and where we come from. We are not Europeans, we are not Asians, we are not Hispanics and we are not immigrants. Until we learn who we are and stop denying who we are we will NEVER have Soul nor Black Pride! Our History is not a game to be played with every February!

    Black Pride comes with knowing who you are and accepting who you are. That’s what’s Hip!”It Is Easier To Believe Than It Is To Think!” “A People Will Never Look Forward To Posterity Who Never Look Backward To Their Ancestors!”

    Black Pride is Knowing and Proudly Admitting that we are African! Not African Americans! Black Negroes of African descent! You can’t hate the Roots of a Tree without hating the tree itself. If you don’t want to be from Africa then you really don’t want to be Black so you’re not Black and Proud! You didn’t get Black here that comes from Africa.

    Soul Train didn’t make us Black nor give us soul! We are Natural people who do things naturally. Our creative soul comes naturally. How can we be so ashamed of the people who were FIRST in the World and FIRST civilized? Being of African descent is our most prideful claim to fame. When you learn and know your history you know that and that gives you all of the pride you will ever need.

    If a husband mistreats and abuses his wife that wife is told to leave that husband and the law will even step in and arrest that husband and separate that husband from his wife and dare him to come back and bother her. And all her her advisers and advocates would tell her to divorce him and “take her name back!”

    When a Black misuses or abuses a Black friendship/relationship the Black victim will hate that Black perpetrator for the rest of their lives! But the White man has been “Doing You Know What To Us” for ALL of our lives here in this outlaw country, yet we are told to love our enemies! What Fools!

    I’ll conclude with a couple of quotes from Dr. King about “Integration”
    and “Love.” Quotes below:

    Integration–“When I speak of integration, I don’t mean a romantic mixing of colors, I mean a Real Sharing of Power and Responsibility!”

    Love–“When I say love those who oppose you, I’m not speaking of love in a sentimental or affectionate sense. It would be nonsense to urge men to love their oppressors in an affectionate sense. When I refer to love at this point I mean understanding and good will!”

    Survival of The World–“The Negro Must Not allow himself to become a victim of the self-serving philosophy of those who manufacture war that the survival of the world is the white man’s business alone!”

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  • Claudiitah

    Now there’s nostalgia. Get a load of those bell boottm pants. I used to wear floods in grade three (purple pants too). Dad had poor fashion sense! Successfully Silly RainbowRay

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