Oprah, Hollywood Reporter Covergirl, Reflects on 2012

Winfrey pleased with increased relevance of her two-year-old network

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The Hollywood Reporter named Oprah Winfrey one of this past year’s “Rule Breakers,” and the magazine sat down for an exclusive at Winfrey’s estate.

“I’m not doing the hula yet …but compared to a year ago, it feels like a sigh of relief,” Winfrey told the magazine, referring to the OWN network’s rebound in ratings.

“Part of my own expectation was, ‘You’ve had 25 years of success; people will leverage that,” she continued. “But we didn’t account for people not having the channel, and not knowing how to find it, and the cable audience being different from broadcast.”

The interview appears in the Jan. 10 issue of the magazine. Read more at the Hollywood Reporter.

  • You know, no matter what kind of business planning/SWOT analysis you do, there are some things you just can’t account for. Twenty-five years of success is no fluke. But, I have to wonder what type of management she has around her that wouldn’t even take into consideration that the people who have supported her over the years did it through network television. She should have been slightly aware of that being a weakness through her XM radio venture. I’m sure she probably had similar issues there. Odd.