George Zimmerman Nearly Broke, Says He Needs Money

Zimmerman is reportedly living in hiding and spending tons of money on security

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george zimmerman courtFrom The Orlando Sun Sentinel

The man charged in the killing of 17-year-old unarmed, Florida teenager Trayvon Martin, is crying broke.

George Zimmerman, who received close to $250,000 in public donations, now has only $50,000 and his lawyer Mark O’Mara is saying that he will be asking the public for more money.

“He really has to live as a hermit, unfortunately. He’s not doing well. He’s getting by,” O’Mara told The Orlando Sun-Sentinel.

Zimmerman and his wife Shellie are reportedly living in hiding, not working and spending tons of money on security for protection.

Read more at The Orlando Sun Sentinel

  • Stop hiding him and let him meet his Faith whatever it maybe…Get the F__K Outta here, nobody feeling sorry for George Zimmerman!

  • I wonder how these contributors will feel when Zimm confesses and pleads out

  • OkBluzMan79

    Put him back in jail. He won’t need any money there outside of a few bucks for the commissary.