Establishing A Legacy of Wealth: Part 4

We must take control of our destinies

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Ryan Mack 

Ryan Mack

When all is said and done, we have the ability to take control of our own destinies. Yes, there has been oppression, but we have the capability to do for ourselves and achieve success. “A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children: and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.” (Proverbs 13:22)  It is up to us to work hard so that each of us can build an inheritance; not for ourselves, but for each of our own legacies that we will leave behind.

I have thought many of nights about what makes me happy.  As I hit the pillow, I have thought of all the things that are glorified in the world.  I think about superficial wishes and shallow desires which are so often glorified on the television.  “Phat” rides, gold-filled houses, fancy hotels, champagne wishes, caviar dreams, “fly” gators (alligator skin shoes), “bling-bling” jewelry, spinning wheels, rattling trunks, etc.- are all things that it seems society values.

Not me.  I am by no means wealthy by society’s economic standards today, but I am extremely wealthy.  I have a family who supports me, friends to laugh and have fun with, a good church home, and most importantly a growing stronger spiritual connection with God.  When I envision myself in the future, I don’t think about fur coats and Rolls Royce vehicles.  I envision myself as being financially independent, disciplined, a good Christian and a good husband with children who are well behaved, educated, and cultured.  I imagine myself coming home to a nice house where my family and I can all live comfortably — a house that is fully paid for with no mortgage.

I go to see my son play basketball games or my daughter play at band competitions.  I can do this because I own my own business, and I have a flexible schedule.  When my kids go to college their college education funds will be fully funded before we hug and kiss them goodbye.  I will retire comfortably knowing that I don’t have to rely on Social Security.  I will have a trust fund to give to my grandchildren when they go to school.  I know that this will not be given to me, and I understand that I have a lot of hard work ahead of me.  “He who works the land will have abundant food, but he who chases fantasies lacks judgment.” (Proverbs 12:11)  These are the things that I value; this is what I live my life to achieve.

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Part 4: Taking Control of Our Destinies

Ryan Mack is the president of Optimum Capital Managment LLC

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  • Joseph Headen

    I think what you are doing for your family and for young african american males and our race as a whole is beautiful.
    You set an example. (Which is hard to find in most of our communities these days)
    Im only 18 years old from Detroit, MI but I work hard towards a brighter future for my younger sister and my mother;
    Seeing people like you as a role model/inspiration only makes me strive to achieve even harder.
    It shows me that it can be done no matter what the media may say or think.
    I know it won’t be easy but “In all toil comes profit; Mere talk only leads to poverty”
    I agree with your philosophy completely and how societies dreams and antasies are becoming a misinterpretation with their GOALS.
    I too have wish to have family of my own and a way of living that shows our youth we CAN be succesful, and we CAN achieve more out of life.
    Just because we are faced with more obstacles than others doesnt mean we CANT make it.
    We don’t have to thugs, criminals, dru dealers, ect.
    We can be Doctors, Lawyers, Owners, Professors, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Teachers, Inventors, & Even Presidents!
    Faith is the first step even when the stairs aren’t there..
    I personally thank you Ryan for giving our culture, race and society one more reason to take that next step.

    God is Love,

    Joseph Headen, CPhT

  • That’s right! BELIEVE IN YOURESLF! Believe in yourself and your God-given abilities. No matter who or what you may be up against at present, believe in yourself and that you have what it takes to be triumphant in the end. Believe that you are worthy of God/Universe’s assistance in everything.

    If there is something you desire, believe in your self worth. Believe that you are worthy of receiving all that you desire, especially if it’s for your Greater Good and the Greater Good of the world.

    Believe in yourself for if you do not believe in yourself, who will? I have come to learn that the more we believe in ourselves, the more others come to believe in us and our abilities as well, and whether we desire this or not.

    Belief in one’s self come from triumph over obstacles, from experiences gained from life lessons, from one’s accumulated knowledge and the application of that knowledge and which leads to desired outcomes and objectives; and from knowing one’s self (especially the reasons why you are alive and on the planet, what you are here to do).

    I reiterate, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! Believe that you have the intelligence to figure out all of life’s riddles. Believe that you have the strength, willpower, fortitude, and tenacity to persevere in all of your trials and tribulations (which are nothing but tests and opportunities).

    Believe that you have the power of dynamic magnetism to attract everything you need and require for your life’s existence and purpose. Believe that you have the love deep within self to give to another and which you would like to be reciprocated. Believe that you are loved and worthy to be loved.

    Believe that all of your worldly needs and obligations are met.

    Been eyeing someone for a while, some one you find attractive and can’t stop thinking about? Approach the person and make yourself and feelings known. Believe in yourself and step to the person.

    Is there a certain job position open that you really desire? Believe in yourself and GO FOR IT! Apply for that job or position. Don’t make any excuses as to why you should not apply for the position. Just apply for it if you truly want it.

    Want to stop working that corporate 9 to 5 and follow your heart? Believe in yourself that you can not only make it, but also be successful at following your heart’s desire.

  • Tyresa Ware

    I am a small business owner. At 25 I startrd my own Post Construction Cleaning Company. I am working towards my 8(a) certification. My husband who is a veteran and has been doing security every since he has come home. (security is only part time because it is his love, he’s a protecter)is now a Librarian and Ohio is soon to close alot of our libraries. We very much want to start our own security company. I was just hoping somebody had so advise or knows the steps we need to take to get our licensur. Thank you

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