Bank of America’s Andrew Plepler Talks Khan Academy Partnership

Executive discusses importance of financial education

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In a previous article, we spoke about Bank of America’s collaboration with Khan Academy in an effort to promote financial literacy.

In this follow-up piece, caught up with Andrew Plepler, Global Corporate Social Responsibility and Consumer Policy executive at Bank of America, for a lightning-speed-quick chat about the bank’s initiative. What is it about Khan Academy that made it a good fit for this initiative?

Andrew Plepler: Bank of America has a long history of supporting financial education and stability initiatives. While we recognize that there’s no silver bullet to address the issue of financial understanding in our country, more innovation is clearly needed in this area. To help address this, we partnered with Khan Academy, a non-profit with proven success in making historically difficult topics easy to understand. Our partnership aims to help people build practical financial expertise by making financial education more engaging, accessible and easier for people to understand. This type of innovation is an important step in bridging the financial knowledge gap and helping people to take a proactive role in more confidently managing their finances.

For the first part of this series, see the article, Bank of America and Khan Academy Team Up.

  • Makayla Oxley

    In this follow-up piece, captured up with Phil Plepler, International Business Public Liability and Customer Plan professional at Financial institution of The united states, for a lightning-speed-quick talk about the bank’s effort.


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