10 Ways Men and Women Spend Money Differently

The Frugalista on the many differences in financial attitudes, behaviors of men and women

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black man and woman arguing over finances

Hey Frugs! I wrote a kick-butt article for BuzzFeed, about how men and women spend money differently. In America, we all spend money but how we spend it is often not the same. Some things matter more.

What I also found in my research is that women spend a lot more time looking for deals. And we’re more cheerful givers! Yay Frugalistas!!! Y’all make me proud! Please be sure to read the article and share with all of your friends! Sharing is caring and spending smart is for winners!

Read more at Buzzfeed!

Do you think men and women spend money differently? Do you spend differently than the men in your life? What about the women? Talk to me!