Survey: 45% of Couples Think They’d Be Richer if They Were Single

Will you have more money if you lose the dead weight?

If you’re married or dating then you know how expensive being part of a couple can be. There are more groceries to buy, anniversary gifts to exchange, and sometimes kids to take care of.

A survey conducted by finds that many couples believe they’d be better off alone. The survey was taken as a complement to their online quiz entitled, Are You Richer Single or in a Relationship?

The research findings show that gender and age play a role in one’s thoughts on the matter. Male respondents in a relationship (52%) tended to feel they would be better off as bachelors, whereas the female respondents (61%) in a relationship said they are financially better off as they are.

Roughly 68% of the singles said they would not be better off in a relationship. In addition, most of the respondents who said their finances would be healthier if they were single were older (age 35 to 44).

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