I can’t see the entire article?

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  • chaqbar

    You mean cosmetology, black studies, haircare, television repair, sports and hospitality don’t pay as much as legal, engineering, medical, business and science degrees? Whhhhaaaaatttt? I am so shocked. C’mon brothers (and sisters), get real.

    • Christie

      I hold an associates in medical assisting and I was offered more pay at a daycare center than I was being offered at medical facilities, plus they want PRN’s so no benefits are included and I would work only as needed. Now I am in Health Care Admistration getting my bachelors in hopes that it will bring more opportunity.Could be my location as well.

      • marc

        @Christie I agree its about location I live in a port city town in the state of Nc where unemployment for black are well above country average I have two degrees but I am considering barber school instead as more of a practical move in this economy.

    • Sol Man

      Chaqbar, you obviously didn’t read the article. “cosmetology, black studies, haircare, television repair, sports and hospitality…” WTH? I’m surprised you didn’t throw in “watermelon eater, boot black, mammy…”

  • Mrs. C

    This article only touches the surface of the real issue: Why are so many African Americans choosing these majors? Too often African Americans are encouraged to go to college and get an education without the proper advice on how their major and skills will transfer in the real world. I have witnessed so many black students who major in social services or a related field, usually because they want to help people. Still there are others who want to study mass media because of dreams of working in the entertainment field. But so many avoid majors that involve math or science. And very few understand what kind of careers are available majoring in something like business. Most students understand careers like lawyer, teacher doctor, but don’t know what an Account Executive or an Actuary is. And they probably don’t know what it takes to become one.

    • DKelley

      Social work doesn’t pay unless you pursue a Masters degree in the field. Same as for psychology. Licensing increases your value, job prospects, and income several time over. Consultation in that field gave me hourly rates of $125.00 per hour (Los Angeles, CA) and I was still able to still serve the “urban” communities. Masters in the field of social work allows you to be a professional in the field of psychotherapy, research, business, forensic, community planning and organization – just to name the few. Don’t knock the field.

      • D. Collins

        WoW. I am inspired by your response. I start school in January for Psychology and it is good to know that there are more avenues to choose from. I have also been doing my research and I believe what ever field we choose we should go for the gold (MASTERS OR DOCTORS, PHD…the sky is the limit) INSPIRED:)

  • Keith

    Should just be called “Lowest Paying College Degrees”. These degrees are worthless no matter what color your skin is!

    • Trilochan

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  • V. Thomas

    @ Mrs. C – well said. While STEM is important and the careers are bright with great pay, there are business careers that pay extreme salaries, but the research must be done because it won’t be shared. Again, well said and thank you.

  • Lilandra

    This is so misleading – could the variances in pay be more in line of where you are working? I mean, a white person who works in social services could be working in a private practice in a suburb is going to earn more than a black person working in the inner city for a grant based or church foundation. I think it has nothing to do with skin color and everything to do with location. Why else would teaching be paying the same regardless of skin color and all other private sector occupations have disparities?

  • houston

    gboogie dot net Blacks in America should be looking at their past and study how blacks before the 70’s got serious about their communities and started their own businesses.

  • The Great White

    Come on you fucking niggers, you know the majority of you worthless fucks wont even pass the 9th grade. Fucking waste of oxygen.

    • Alexander

      Wow. Angry, and certainly not wohitut reason…I would be angry too if I had spent money on a degree when I could have done more research and gone elsewhere.A couple notes: 1) Making a general statement, “for profit schools suck” is just that; too general. You have had 1 experience with 1 school. Sounds like it sucked. That said, the other non-profit / public universities you are speaking of that offer online degrees; GOT INTO the online space because the “for profits” were the first to pioneer the way and show them how to do it. 2) Again on your second sentence; too general – “the only thing they care about is their damn bottom line”. Certainly education is a business; whether it be for profit or public. Anyone who tells you differently is lying. So let’s take a public university; the University of Florida (my alma mater). Their Online Masters Degree programs cost nearly twice ($40K vs. $25K) than the for profit avg. Masters degree offering. Taking one off examples (like UOP or UF) is somewhat meaningless, and certainly there are schools that are more money and schools that are less money. The PURPOSE of this post was […] Was this answer helpful?

  • Wisdom Tooth Pain

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