Where Is Mjuice.Com?

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Having trouble logging on to Mjuice.com? There’s a good reason. In March 2000, Mjuice’s founder and CEO, Arnold Brown, inked a $15 million deal with ARTISTdirect.com, which acquired the Web’s first–and largest–secure-MP3 distributor. Brown joined the staff as vice president of digital distribution. The Mjuice.com staff also became part of ARTISTdirect.com. “The acquisition of Mjuice.com by ARTISTdirect.com gave us access to significantly more resources and a chance to take advantage of ARTISTdirect’s insider position with the major record labels,” says Brown.

ARTISTdirect.com is an online music network that offers multimedia entertainment content, music news, community, and “music-related commerce.” First featured in Techwatch in the June 2000 issue of BLACK ENTERPRISE, Mjuice.com catalogued approximately 30,000 music tracks from 70 record labels, and received 100 to 200 fresh tracks daily.

The acquisition of Mjuice.com came shortly before ARTISTdirect.com announced its IPO, in which it offered 5 million shares of its common stock. Although market volatility brought the stock down in 2001, Brown says, “All the technology, brand building, business, and marketing experience will pay off for the new economy companies that survive this rough period.”