Trouble In Paradise

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Q: I worked in a building that was near the World Trade Center so we’re working out of a temporary office now. But since the company is Canada-based, there is talk that the firm is considering moving back there. I’m really concerned because I can’t just move to Canada, but the job market here is terrible. What should I do?
–B. Brown, New York

A: Don’t despair. The good news is that there are a lot of opportunities that have opened up since the disaster. Where you fit in really depends on your industry. People with expertise in computer security, safety and security, paperless offices, and remote teleconferencing are in demand. The construction area is also expected to do well.

As you might imagine, many firms in the Wall Street area and in certain parts of Washington, D.C., are hiring to replace the employees that they lost. Unfortunately, it’s no longer possible to fill some of their open positions with internal candidates. One of those jobs may be for you.

The key is to start your search today. Since only 10% of open slots are filled through ads, don’t spend the bulk of your time searching newspapers. Instead, make a list of the companies that you’re interested in, then contact the managers of the departments or divisions within them. You can get contact information from Also, network with trade organizations and associations for insight on open positions. Then follow-up with phone calls. Get additional job-hunting techniques from Your next gig may be a phone call away.