The Chill Factor

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Originally designed in 1957, the Cocktail Shaker’s sleek, stainless steel contours transcend time, while Dan Chelea’s Martini Chiller moves forward in design and practicality. The sophisticated cone-shaped, lead crystal glass ice holder chills the martini in between sips. It’s also a cool setting for gelato, frozen drinks, and caviar. Available through the Museum of Modern Art (800-447-6662; Shaker: $79; Chiller: $36.

Send a gift from the tropics — Ginger, Heliconia, Psitticorum, and Calathea — Hawaiian flowers from Hana, a small town on Maui. Harvested daily, flowers are grown without pesticides, and each is hand washed in a pure biodegradable soap. Place your order on or call 800-736-3628. Bouquet range: small ($65); medium ($92); large ($135). All deliveries are handled by Federal Express.

It’s harder than a sapphire with more brilliance than a diamond, and for a fraction of the cost. Only an expert jeweler can tell the difference. Designers Charles & Covard’s man-made Moissanite jewel is engineered from meteoric silicon and carbon crystals in a sparkling blend of nature and science. To find a jeweler near you or to order it online, log on to www.moissan Price range: $99 — $80,000. Pictured is the 15-jewel, 18k gold, two-tone X Band, $1,179.