Teamwork Tips

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Is your work team coming undone at the seams? If so, you may need intensive care. If you’re a member and don’t see any trouble on the horizon, preventative medicine never hurts. No matter your situation, break out this 16-chapter team survival kit.

“This book is about how you can take the first steps toward strengthening your team by quickly spotting and resolving problems that can significantly compromise team performance,” writes Robert W. Barner, author of Team Troubleshooter: How To Find and Fix Team Problems (Davies-Black Publishing, $32.95).

Team Troubleshooter presents a five-stage plan to strengthen teams by spotting and resolving problems. The stages are: identifying the problems, exploring your options, planning for action, gaining commitment for your plan, and implementing and following up on your plan. Barner suggests that following up on each step is crucial to strengthening a faltering team.

“Almost all teams engage in follow-up activities of some kind, but these activities are frequently sporadic and poorly constructed,” writes Barner. To help the process of implementation, he includes a tool kit with each chapter. These aids–including interactive charts and exercises–assist the reader in achieving the goals described in the book.

The last few chapters focus on specific problems that typically occur within a team dynamic and how readers can rectify them. Need a little first aid for your squad? Open up and say, “Troubleshoot.”