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Normal Bing, vice president and financial consultant with Merrill Lynch in Dolestown, Pennsylvania (800-937-0624, says that Pall Corp. (NYSE: PLL) is a stock that TX: investors can be comfortable with.” The company manufacturers filters and microfiltration systems for health care, aerospace and fluid processing applications. Pall corners 80% of the blood filtration market.

The company’s recent development of a whole blood filtration system for processing donated blood (removing white blood cells) get a thumbs up, although it’s not yet approval for use in the U.S. Presently, only 15% of the nation’s donated blood supply is filtered. Bing expects the stock to do well due to the high demand for quality waTer and blood filtration products in emerging countries. The stock, which has paid dividends since 1974, sells for around $29 1/2 next 12 months.

W. Walter Booth, vice president of investments with Smith Barney in Washington, D.C. (800-424-3209), has connected with Lucent Technologies (NYSE-LUI), a spin-off of AT&T and a world leader in the development and manufacturing of telecommunications equipment. Booth predicts that the stock, currently trading at $47 1/4, will reach $52 within the next 15 months. The increase of wireless services, growth of the Internet and expansion of worldwide telecommunications should drive top-line growth for LU, he projects.