Someone To Watch Over You

NetShield protects networks from malicious viruses

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Keeping a single PC virus-free can be trying. Keeping an entire local area network (LAN) clear can be an all-out war. Swapping disks, downloading from the Internet, and receiving infected e-mail attachments are just a few of the many ways viruses steal their way onto your system. In a LAN, a single infected machine can mean trouble for your entire network. Once a malicious virus makes its way into your network, it could potentially affect your entire organization.

Fortunately, there are anti-virus programs, such as Network Associates’ NetShield, that scan your network for viruses. NetShield is available for NT and Novell operating systems. When installed on a network, the program detects virus-infected files transmitted to and from the server to prevent the spread of viruses throughout the network. NetShield can be activated on demand or scheduled to run automatically. It can recognize and eliminate most kinds of viruses, including macro, file, stealth, mutating and polymorphic strains. It also scans and deans compressed files and can recognize unknown macro viruses.

The administrative features of the program give network managers convenient access and control over virus security. NetShield can be configured to work in multiserver environments and instantly notifies system administrators of virus incidents. Remote management features let managers remotely change configurations of products, add or remove tasks, and start on-demand scans. NetShield also includes an AutoUpdate feature that automatically distributes updated virus definition files among all of your NetShield servers. For pricing information, contact, or call 408-988-3832.