Read them your rights

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Many employees are unaware of their rights in the workplace. Unfortunately, there are employers who take advantage of workers who don’t know what the law will and won’t allow. Don’t be one of them.

Robert J. Gregory believes that "employees…are almost invariably placed in a reactive posture. Employees can take protective steps to enhance their legal position, once they’re confronted with adverse employment action." To get a proactive handle on employment law and how it can help you, read his book, Your Workplace Rights: and How to Make the Most of Them (AMACOM, $22.95). The information could prove invaluable in everyday office dealings, as well as in more serious situations that may arise.

Writing from the employee’s point of view, Gregory breaks down issues such as family and medical leave and explains them in easy-to-understand language throughout the book’s three main sections. "The Law of the Workplace" focuses on protection against discrimination and other labor-related encroachment issues; "Workplace Rights in Practice" explores why and how a hypothetical employee files a legal claim against his employer; and "Some Major Workplace Issues" explores various subjects, such as sexual harassment, downsizing and protection for disabled workers.

There are other ways to get an understanding of your office rights. But unlike books weighted down with technical mumbo-jumbo, Your Workplace Rights can help you comprehend complicated concepts of employment law without a lawyer-or a dictionary.

Your Workplace Rights: and How to Make the Most of Them by Robert J. Gregory (Amacom, $22.95)