Power Up Onboard

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Laptops are convenient to travel with but keeping batteries charged can be a headache. However, Delta and American airlines may have found a solution, at least while you’re in flight. Delta now offers first-class passengers on its “Spirit of Delta” Boeing 767 access to the Em Power In- Seat Power Supply ports. Passengers can plug into the armrest power source via an interface cable, using an adapter similar to those for auto cigarette lighters. “The system we’ve developed will change the way people work and fly,” says John Wade, a marketing manager for Primex Aerospace Co., which developed the system. At American, first- and business-class passengers have had power ports at their seats since December on Airbus A300s flying transatlantic routes. Additional planes will receive the feature during the year.

On certain TWA and US Airways flights, you can go online via seatback phones using your battery-powered modem. United also offers this feature on all domestic flights, and will soon offer power ports at their seats. Caution: For safety reasons, don’t power up during taxi, takeoff and landing.