Midterm Elections: A Test of Our Commitment

Make your voice heard again

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The commitment we made to support President Barack Obama as the right person to lead our nation did not end when we cast our votes two years ago; it was just beginning. On Tuesday, Nov. 2, we will have the first major test of our commitment when we vote in the first midterm elections since we elected Obama.

As our president, Obama is delivering on the commitments he made during his campaign. He’s reformed healthcare. He’s enacted reform of the financial services industry, helping to protect consumers against risky and potentially dangerous home mortgage and credit card practices. He‘s ended the war in Iraq. He’s provided greater access to loans, grants, and scholarships for our kids who want to go to college, as well as tax relief and other resources for the small businesses that drive employment growth for our nation. Obama has kept all of these commitments, and more, despite the worst economic conditions our nation has endured in more than a half century.

Yet, despite all that Obama has accomplished in just a half term in office, many of us are losing faith, tired and frustrated by the lack of improvement in our economic situations. It’s been too long since our last raise, or even since our last job. The wealth drained from our home values and retirement accounts by the recession has yet to be restored, even though we’ve been told that the recession technically ended in June 2009, according to the National Bureau of Economic Research. The truth is, many of us just don’t feel any better, and it’s disheartening, which makes it tempting to abandon our commitment to sacrifice on behalf of the vision of America we voted for only a short while ago. In fact, Obama’s political opposition, including the Tea Party that is striving mightily to take over the GOP agenda, is counting on us to surrender, so that they can reverse the progress made by Obama and regain control of the future of America.

My message to you: Don’t let that happen. Barack Obama is still the best hope for our nation. No one–not the Republican opposition, and certainly not the Tea Party–has offered a better alternative, in terms of either leadership or solutions to the problems we are facing. Their criticism of Obama is comprised of personal attacks, not a fair assessment of his performance.

The truth is that Obama has our country headed in the right direction, and it’s not realistic or reasonable to expect his policies to fix in less than two years an economy wrecked by more than a decade of failed policies and poor leadership. We must reject the fool’s gold of instant gratification and immediate comfort, and instead continue to make the sacrifices necessary to ensure the lasting security and prosperity of our nation for future generations. We owe it not to Obama, but to ourselves to give his policies time to bear fruit. We must stand up for those who will continue to advance his agenda when we vote in the midterm elections on Nov. 2. Do not allow the Republican Party to use the Tea Party to stall or derail the restoration of our economy and our nation.

Above all, don’t do this out of blind loyalty to Obama. Do it for yourself, your family, your children, and future generations of Americans who will ultimately reap the benefits of our commitment to put our nation back on track, revitalize the middle class, and restore access to the American dream for all.

  • Crystie

    With all due respect Mr. Graves:

    “…many of us are losing faith, tired and frustrated by the lack of improvement in our economic situations.” In fact, many of us have lost faith because Obama has completely ignored the Black voter demographic, coming to us only when it’s time for an election. Ironically, nothing has been said about the candidates, but everything has been said about how we should support Obama, by voting.

    Many of us are tired of being the democratic party’s cash cow – the reliable Black vote that they need not work for. WHAT are they going to finally do for us to help our situation?? He has put forth commissions and incentives for women hurt in this economy, but has ignored us, relying on mere symbolic moves to satiate us – visiting an African-American Holocaust dungeon in Ghana…shaking the hand of a Black security guard in the UK….visiting an HBCU. THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS AND HUMILIATING!!

    He then proceeds to cut 85 million dollars in funding from our HBCUs. He refuses to provide us with legislation/financial relief to help the worst-suffering of all Americans in this current economy – with the ridiculous notion that he being “the president of all of the United States” means that you suddenly now stop addressing the needs and concerns of various facets of your demographic.

    As if politics were never quid pro quo. PLEASE!

    We voted for him overwhelmingly in this past election, 97 percent, and for what?? To be completely ignored by him and have funding cut from our universities.

    And now, because he says so, we’re supposed to carry ourselves back to the polls to vote in HIS interest?! I don’t think so!

    I’ve voted all my life since being old enough to do so. I felt adamant about my obligation to use the right my ancestors died for.

    But now?? For the first time, after this guy’s shenanigans, I feel the situation is absolutely hopeless there. These people don’t respond to votes and moral values. They respond to money and race, and that’s it! I won’t be voting for him, or anyone else in this election or the next. I’m done with them!

  • Edwin

    The Obama administration has been listening. Around March 2010, The Obama administration reversed the $85 million HBCU budget cut , plus added $13 million in additional funding. Here is the link http://dev.blackenterprise.com/business/2010/03/01/obama-signs-order-boosting-hbcu-funding

    • Crystie

      Thank you for the link, Edwin. So, we’re now expected to think, because he gave us BACK something HE took away (and tacked on a little 13 million extra to keep us satiated), we’re supposed to feel that he did something for the Black community??

      Not buying it. However, I applaud his administration for coming up with that tactic. Honestly, it’s brilliantly manipulative.

  • John Schulte

    Obama has done more to hurt African-Americans than any president-except maybe Wilson

    • Crystie

      I don’t agree with this statement at all; it’s not even grounded in reasoning (or logic).

      EVERY president has pretty much ignored us. However, Obama has been more blatant and conspicious about doing so.

      • You are absolutely correct! However, C-change will only come about for Black People, when we wakeup from our bringe drinking of the White Class Oligarchy’s propganda of lies, deceit and denial. HCBU’s are the personification of a Black Class being religated to 3/5’s of humanity and that has not changed. President Obama was placed into office by the White Class Oligarchy and those are the hands that are feeding his face. Rarely if ever, can the oppressed change systems of oppression from working within… e.g., Nat Turner, Malcolm X, Ghandi, Martin Luther King. In 2010 “sellingout” is the Black Profession of choice. President Obama does not stand alone in feeding from the White Class Oligarchy’s hands. Examine Black Leaders and Black Organizations of Old to Black Leaders and Black Organizations that have been “Corporatized” in 2010 and you will see entities that are eating from the same hands. Back in the day we had to take it to the streets to gain entrance into the Corporate Suites and since then black people became complacent with sub-prime mortgages, glass ceiling jobs, overpriced homes and cheap, but bondage credit–what actions are you willing to take to change 2010’s systems of oppression? Are you willing to take it to the streets?

        • Guest