Is The Ceo Selling?

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Q: How many companies are traded publicly on the New York Stock Exchange and is there a Website to find out if a CEO of a company is selling his or her stock?
— -V.M. Randolph Sr., Baltimore

A: To find out which key executives at a company are selling (or buying) their shares, go to Once you pull up a quote from the company you are interested in, look along the bottom-left side of the screen, and you’ll see an area marked “Ownership.” Under that heading are selections for “Insider Activity,” “Who’s Buying?” and “Who’s Selling?” If you click on Insider Activity, all the buying and selling activity of the insiders — company officers and managers, including the CEO — will appear on the screen. You can also isolate the sellers within the company by clicking on the “Who’s Selling?” selection. This will show you the internal officers and outside mutual fund managers who are dumping the stock.

Remember, finding out if a CEO is purchasing or selling shares can be significant, but it should not be used as an absolute indicator to make decisions about selling shares of companies you own.

If you’d like to know which companies are traded on the New York Stock Exchange, go to Since companies are listed (via an initial public offering) or delisted (for failing to meet financial requirements) every month, the number of stocks trading fluctuates. The site says it is “home to about 3,000 companies worth nearly $16 trillion in global market capitalization.”