Inking a deal

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As national advertisers come under increasing scrutiny for their reluctance to advertise in black-owned media outlets, a recent strategic alliance aims to strengthen their relationship with black newspapers.

The Newspaper National Network (NNN) has signed agreements with Amalgamated Publishers Inc. of New York City and the Latino Print Network of Carlsbad, California, to be their exclusive partners for national newspaper-advertising sales targeting ethnic markets within the automotive, packaged goods, high technology, and drug and remedy categories.

The NNN is a newspaper sales and marketing service funded by the 47 largest newspapers in the U.S. It operates under the auspices of the National Newspaper Association of America. The NNN helps its newspaper client base develop newspaper media placement throughout the country and services seven targeted national advertising categories, including automotive, computers, cosmetics and household products.

"These agreements enable NNN to link to just about every newspaper that a national advertiser could use to reach a target audience," says Nicholas Cannistraro, NNN president and general manager.

Adds Amalgamated CEO Ernest Pitt, "The alliance between the NNN and Amalgamated represents a new beginning in the placement of national advertising in the African American press. It’s a long-overdue relationship between the black press, mainstream media and the advertising agencies that serve our industry."