How To Implement A Marketing Plan That Boosts Profits

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For any business owner, a sales and marketing plan is crucial toward identifying opportunities and maximizing revenue and profits, says John S. Haskell, a.k.a. Dr. Revenue, author of Profit Rx (Executive Excellence Publishing, $19.95) and founder of the Professional Marketing Group Inc., a Los Angeles-based marketing, consulting and advertising agency.

Having written more than 400 marketing plans as an entrepreneur, corporate senior manager, professor, speaker and consultant, Haskell uses his expertise to empower readers with a hands-on approach to writing a marketing and sales plan. Profit Rx provides a step-by-step guide to writing and implementing a successful marketing and sales plan.

Each chapter provides specific goals, guidelines and deadlines for each phase of the process. It works with readers through eight detailed meeting agendas, precise planning tools and more than 100 real-life business examples.

In Chapter 4, business owners learn how they can identify problems, such as inadequate capital or human resources, and find concrete solutions. In Chapter 8, readers are given seven tactics with which to implement their marketing and sales plan, such as using a public relations firm, telephone marketing, direct mail and advertising.

A checklist at the end of the book is designed to help a business owner and his or her team review their company’s marketing and sales plans. Profit Rx is a must-have to create your action plan to gain an edge on your competitors and build your business financially.