Held in high esteem

Here' s how to give your self-worth a boost

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Never have anything good to say about yourself? Do you always tend to focus on your flaws and what you can’t do? Then chances are your self-image is in need of some serious repair. Before you make a pilgrimage to the self-help section of your bookstore, master these self-esteem boosting tips:

  • Seek out and cherish what makes you different. Maybe you have a quirky sense of humor or a unique way of looking at things. Learn to love the attributes that make you stand out and embrace them as extensions of yourself.
  • Learn to laugh-at yourself. No one’s perfect-including you. So loosen up and give yourself permission to err. Finding humor in your shortcomings is a good first step in getting over and around them.
  • Reflect on past successes. Past accomplishments can well serve your sense of self-worth. Keep them in mind when you feel as if nothing ever goes your way.