Going it Alone

The most successful entrepreneurs have certain traits in common. Take this quiz to find out if you have them, too.

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If you think you want to become an entrepreneur, you’re definitely not alone. According to a Gallup survey published in 1996, 32% of the adult working population–nearly 40 million people–dream about starting their own businesses. And why not? Entrepreneurship represents freedom to establish your own schedule, control your finances and chart your future.

The following is an entrepreneurial self-assessment test designed to help you determine if you have the skills, traits and aptitudes that crop up repeatedly among successful entrepreneurs. It’s unlikely that you will have all of the necessary traits, but don’t worry. This quiz provides indicators, not conclusive evidence, of entrepreneurial Success.
Choose the statement that best answers the question.
I. How do you feel about hard work?
a. I can’t work long hours.
b. I do what the job requires.
c. I have a history of being a hard worker.
d. I can work hard if I need to, but would rather not.
2. How would you describe your energy level?
a. My health is OK.
b. I’m indefatigable.
c. I have enough stamina.
d. I need my time off.
3. How would you characterize your approach to a new task?
a. I like to know what the boundaries of the job are.
b. I hate to have someone peering over my shoulder.
c. I prefer to have explicit instructions.
d. I’m a self-starter.
4. When you step back and think about where you’re going, you realize that,
a. My most important job is setting meaningful goals.
b. I don’t know what “success” means.
c. I want to make enough money to retire comfortably.
d. I get bored when things go smoothly.
5. When it comes to risk taking,
a. I play the horses.
b. I like the challenge of long odds.
c. I bet on my own skills, not on luck.
d. I think that business is a crapshoot.
6. What do you depend on when making assessments?
a. I’m really smart.
b. I follow my hunches.
c. I am decisive.
d. I have “street smarts.”
7. How does your personality dovetail with your work style?
a. I have to see projects through to their completion.
b. Sometimes I drop out.
c. I am tenacious, a regular bulldog.
d. I’m an easygoing person.
8. How do you feel about setting goals and getting feedback?
a. I set goals so I can measure my progress.
b. I like to see results quickly.
c. I welcome constructive criticism.
d. Feedback is vitally important to me.
9. How would you describe your communication skills?
a. I always communicate clearly.
b. I sometimes have trouble getting my point across.
c. I set the goals; it’s up to my employees to achieve them.
d. I’m a doer, not a communicator.
10. How do you deal with the future?
a. I plan ahead. Carefully.
b. I don’t have a crystal ball, so why waste time planning?
c. I try to look ahead.
d. Que sera, sera.
11. How much experience have you had in the type of business you want to start?
a. I’m new to this business.
b. I know this business from working in it.
c. I’ve been in a similar business, but not the same one.
d. All businesses are basically the same, so lack of experience isn’t a barrier.
12. How would you describe your

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