Find What Works — And Pays

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Q: I am searching for a new career and feel really stuck. I’m thinking about switching careers, from being a senior, financial analyst for an IT outsourcing company to a teacher. But that would mean a serious pay cut and does not suit my lifestyle. Are there any Websites for career personality tests?
–E. Williams, Long Beach, California

A: There are a number of Websites, including and www.careerfit But it doesn’t sound like you need a career personality test. You need some assurance on your next move. In fact, you sound like a classic Interlock 4. (See “Setting Your Career in Motion” in this issue.) Unfortunately, there’s the assumption that most won’t make money doing what they love. Truth is, there may be sacrifices along the way that could impact your lifestyle, but why couldn’t you eventually open your own specialized school, develop a teaching system that could be contracted out, or become an educational consultant.

Lord knows our educational system needs some creative energizing. The opportunities are endless, but you have to create them. First you have to determine how to make the transition. It will require detailing your current financial condition, determining what you can afford to live on, and for how long that salary will suffice. You will obviously need training. Perhaps you could stay in your current position while you attend school. After outlining everything on paper, ask yourself if you’re committed to the journey.