Family Backlash Increasing

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“I can’t make the meeting, I have to pick up my child from daycare” is the kind of statement only working parents can make. But as more companies make accommodations for workers with children, they face a growing backlash from non-parents, who resent being asked to pick up the slack.

According to a recent report by the William Olsten Center for Workforce Strategies in Melville, New York, employees without children resent the increased workloads, late hours and higher health insurance fees that help to subsidize family plans. The report, What’s Behind Work/Family Backlash?, states that as the number of childless employees grows annually (66% of U.S. workers in 1996 were not parents), employers could be liable for discrimination based on parental status. It also recommends measures that companies can take to avoid the pitfalls of traditional work/family programs.