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Your guide to the information superhighway Affordable new printer brings photo-quality images into the home

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If color printing is what you need for either your home office or your family, the Hewlett-Packard DeskJet 694C may be the printer for you. The third color inkjet printer in a series designed by HP (the 690C and 693C printers were first introduced in October ’96), the 694C prints up to five pages per minute for black-ink documents. The color print speed is 1.7 ppm, but that depends on the amount of graphics used in the document.

The printer uses HP Photo REt (Photo Resolution Enhancement technology) to create high-quality color images–perfect for presentations or family greeting cards. Add in the HP Photo Paper (20 sheets available for $11.95) and you can print crisp images that rival actual photos–though reproduction quality does depend somewhat on the resolution of the scanned image. But the most attractive quality of the 694C is the price. The printer retails for $299.

The 694C includes an easy-to-use manual on CD with installation instructions, technical support and access to the HP Web site for additional support. The disk also includes the following software: Storm Technologies’ Easy Photo, Corel’s Print House Select 1.1 and PrintPaks’ Awesome Iron-Ons. With Easy Photo, users can organize and retouch scanned photos with the click of a mouse. Print House Select offers over 700 ClipArt images for designing greeting cards, invitations and banners. And Awesome Iron-Ons allows parents to make personal messages or images to be ironed-on to T-shirts using HP Iron-On Transfer Paper. Samples of the Photo and Iron-on Transfer, as well as Special Media and Greeting Card paper, are also included with the printer.

HP also plans to release the DeskJet 692C, a similar model, at the same time. The 692C has the same capabilities of the 694C, but will be sold only through resellers. You can contact Hewlett-Packard at 800-752-0900 or at