Blacks in Hollywood, Pt. 1

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Roundtable discussion examines the challenges of being black in Hollywood with Jeff Friday, President of the American Black Film Festival; Ralph Farquhar, Co-President and Partner at FarCor Studios; and Bill Duke, actor and director. (Part 1)

  • Dilith

    Hidden due to low . .@Fk Lol aegerd none of us will say it out loud, but its not because we don’t have the guts to say it out loud, it is simply because we humans are smart and considerate enough not to insult people in their face. As that is rude and inconsiderate towards the person. Furthermore we are not black ourselves so do not think we are stupid enough to go and get ourselves killed by a bunch of glorified monkeys. Now you may say Look who is inconsiderate and rude or something along those lines, but there is only so much one can take from a race before we declare that said race to be a lost cause. The fact that i am personifying them as close to humans is an over-exaggeration, and a compliment in itself. As for you calling us gutless because we are hammering our feelings in an online blog, take a look at yourself first, you are doing exactly what you accuse, by challenging everyone who posted comments you do not approve and labeling them as gutless and racists. It is only racists if the facts that we are writing about are based solely on stereotypes, which from what ive seen are not. The attitude may have a racists feel to it as we are seemingly bashing the group, but most of it is simply a persons opinion. Your comment was an opinion as well but it is again a challenge to everyone in this discussion. I will not argue with your statement for I know answered all the possible questions (at least to the best of my knowledge) But please if need be, feel free to ask any questions, though i will not guarantee you i will be back to this blog.@Holy Man I am not a man of poly-thesis religions, but I must say that is a bit far fetched statement, at least in my opinion. You thank your god for the disappearance of white men? Yet, if I am not mistaken majority of the ruling powers in america and canada are white. Also they are hundreds of millions of white people So if you are really holy, then I fear for you my friend because you must be on some kind of hallucinogen. Also I was kidding about the whole holy thing, your act is not convincing anyone on the contrary, because holy people are not supposed to favour one group of beings over another.@ Genius I laughed a bit at your comment, because its ironic that you think we don’t want you hear. I mean we built jails for a reason, and the police have to have some reason for making money, because they have a family to support as well, not that you would know anything about that. If you were not here I fear for the police force employment, not that I ever thought of becoming a police. Simply put you serve the same purpose that you did back in the time of slavery, you are here for the entertainment and discretion of whites. (I say whites because i am asian.)Poorly-rated.