Beaming Up A Nue View

New firm creates film and TV shows for urban audience

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Taking advantage of the influence urban culture is having on media, Dennis J. Brownlee, CEO of Advance Inc., a former BE 100s company, has partnered with sports agent David Falk to create New Urban Entertainment Productions (NUE), a provider of media programming targeted to an urban market. NUE, which is based in Arlington, Virginia, is a collaboration created to tap into the crossover potential of sports and entertainment with media.

A Direct Broadcast Satellite entrepreneur and chairman and CEO of Space Station TeleVision (SSTV), Brownlee says NUE, a 50-50 partnership with Falk, plans to develop, produce and market feature work targeted for television, movies and new media. Falk, CEO of Falk Associates Management Enterprises (FAME), heads one of the leading sports marketing and management companies in the industry, representing NBA stars including Michael Jordan.

Formed in 1996, SSTV produces film and television products distributed through various outlets including DBS. By partnering with Falk and following on the heels of Jordan’s crossover success with the Warner Brothers film Space Jam, Brownlee says the time is right for well- positioned companies looking to provide increased content for the African American market.

“The urban marketplace is the single most lucrative target market today, and urban culture sets the trends of the general marketplace,” he says. “There’s a lot of product out of the urban market, but there isn’t one company approaching the field from all forms of media,” he adds. Falk agrees: “I felt for years that there was crossover potential for sports and entertainment,” he says.
The partnership expects to have products in development before the end of the year, and will most likely use sports figures to launch the first productions.