Bargain Movie Rentals

No lines, no late fees -- now that's blockbuster

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Leon Thomas’ family loves movies. And so, every week he visits his local video outlet in Morristown, New Jersey, to pick up rentals for three different tastes. His wife, Janice, likes comedies, his son, Evan, likes Disney and he likes action/adventure. “I spend about $60 a month in movie rentals,” Thomas explains. “And don’t let me forget to return it when it’s due. You can pay up to double the price to rent in late fees.” That’s why Thomas is about to sign up with, one of the growing number of on-line movie rental services, that sends DVD’s to your home for one monthly rate.

After signing up for a membership account, you can create a list of movies from new titles to classics that suit your interest. Qwikfliks has six plans including Basic, which offers two movie titles a month for $14.99, and Platinum, which offers eight movie titles a month for $37.99. Once you’ve selected the amount of movies according to your plan, they are mailed to your home with prepaid return packages. As soon as those are returned, Qwikfliks sends you out more selections. For example, if you receive two movies on Monday on your Basic plan and send them back Wednesday, you could have two more movies by the weekend. If you don’t return them until the following month, that’s when you’ll receive the next two selections. There are no late penalties and no minimum contracts. You can cancel or modify your plan whenever you choose.

Thomas is signing up for their Standard plan to receive three DVD’s for $18.99. If he rents movies just once a week, he stands to save $42 a month in video rentals. “I don’t have a DVD player, but it’s going to be worth investing in one. Their prices are very good right now, too.”

Many of these new online rental services are structured similarly with comparable membership fees. Others worth checking out are,, and

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