Arranging a Web pilgrimage touts smart content for African Americans

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There’s no denying that in order to build success, you’re going to need tools and resources. A lot of guidance, a dash of inspiration and a heap of money-making tips might also prove useful. Occasionally you might find a book that offers a combination of these things, but a book just never covers everything. Now there is an empowerment network located at that provides a complete set of aids to assist African Americans in their climb toward success.

To start, you must have income, and it’s apparent that the developers of GlobalMecca realize this. Their “Careers” section offers links to a variety of employment opportunity pages at Fortune 500 companies. No one can soar on a job posting alone, so GlobalMecca also offers career coaching and provides ways to research a potential employer.

The site’s creators realize that some of us need a more interpersonal form of communication to help us in our endeavors. In that case, visit the site’s “Mentoring” section, which is under the direction of James H. Lowry, human resource specialist and adjunct professor at Northwestern University’s J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management in Evanston, Illinois. This feature separates GlobalMecca from most other sites.

“Our mentoring program was developed to provide a bridge between aspiring black professionals and senior executives who can offer insight into being successful in corporate America,” says H. Roderick Robinson, CEO of the Atlanta-based Website. There are opportunities to participate in the mentoring program as either mentor or protÇgÇ. It is free for the first six months, but a monthly fee is charged thereafter.

Once you’ve gotten the guidance and the dream job, and you want a solid way to further strengthen yourself financially, check out the site’s “Money” section. Here, experts give tips and strategies for investing in stocks, bonds and real estate, among other areas. GlobalMecca even links its visitors to Quicken and Intuit, where they can get a personalized debt planner and estimate the refund on their tax return.

Lest you begin to think life is all careers and finances, GlobalMecca includes a “Book Club” and a “History and Culture” section. Inspirational titles by Iyanla Vanzant and how-to guides for entrepreneurs by Derek Broadnex can be found on the book review list. Much of the site is currently devoted to linking to outside sources of information from the Web. However, it is convenient to be able to access them from a single site.

Robinson expects to rely less on licensed content and more on in-house producers in the coming months. Whether in-house or licensed, “Our goal is to empower users to harness the power of the Net to enhance their lives personally and professionally,” states Robinson, who is determined to achieve his goal by any means necessary.