WATCH: Working Your Style: One Look, Three Ways

Style expert Daisy Lewellyn tells you how to get out of that work wardrobe style rut

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Are you guilty of wearing a uniform to work although that’s not a part of your job requirement? Are you stuck in the proverbial style rut?

In our video series Working Your Style, host and style expert Daisy Lewellyn shows you how to take one key essential (the white button-down shirt) and flip it three ways–with options that will take you from meetings with clients to the boardroom to drinks with colleagues after work.

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Hair: Lauren Kinermon

Makeup: Jennifer McCullough/MAC Cosmetics

Assistant Stylist: Brian Spencer

Editor & Cameraman: Joel Moody,

Model: Maylin DeLeon

Host Look by Trina Turk

Special Thanks to Trina Turk & Tara Ink