Why Your Support of ‘Red Tails’ is Important for Black Hollywood

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Ask any black filmmaker and they’ll tell you that getting black films made and subsequently released is a difficult task unless your first name is “Tyler” and your last name’s “Perry.” Now George Lucas, the Hollywood heavyweight that brought us “Star Wars” and the executive producer behind the film “Red Tails,” is talking about how difficult it was for even a successful film legend like himself to get the movie about the Tuskegee Airmen into theaters.

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  • brotherap

    “First and foremost, this is a movie that MUST be supported”

    With all due respect, the above quote of David Banner is and always will be a degrading death sentence to black movies and black actors. It stops short of begging and is like saying “Ugly Ass Suzy is the only girl without a date to the prom, we MUST support Suzy and find her a date”. It is degrading to the validity of the story to be told and to the potential of black actors to find work, and again stops just short of begging the product. This is something many of us OGs selling black radio learned not to do years ago. We, African Americans, must strategize to produce our films within our own manageable budgets, with formulas for marketing that defy the proposition intentionally embedded in the minds of the global consumers that black heroes, black stories, black actors, are not marketable, like “Ugly Ass Suzy”. The very idea is simply a variation of what advertising agencies used to say and do to us while denying critical advertising dollars to black radio stations. “Your music format is not significant (good) enough to make an impact on the market”. We all knew then, and now, of that to be a lie. What we must do as independent producers is develop a strategy that undermines any thought of inferiority of our product, through our experiences, or any other genre for which we choose to write and produce. We in essence must first believe that our creativity is excellent and not unworthy. I give kudos to George Lucas, for at least getting one part of the formula correct, that which is easily recognizable as Lucas. However, at the same time, I give the same kudos to the producers of the movie “The Devil Inside” who got the formula right as well, whether you like the genre or not. They produced a film for a production budget of a million dollars which, if it stays on track, will have a profit ratio of more than 100-to-1 before the end of 90 days. Figuring out the formula is key and what we blacks must do is figure out what pieces go where in the formula. Much of it is psychological! Therefore, it is highly possible that Ugly Ass Suzy can be transformed into the beauty that is there but often goes sight unseen due to the psychological programming of the global marketplace. That is the time weathered challenge that we must defeat, but it is not an unbeatable adversary ….Peace..hotep… brotherap