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Dr. Susan Evans says that blacks should use sunscreen too.

Dr. Susan Evans says that even blacks should protect their skin with sunscreen.

In business, you always want to put  your best face forward. Of course, being highly knowledgeable and passionate about your area of industry is important too, but your complexion might be saying more to your client than you are. Corporate executives should be proactive about taking care of their skin, says Dr. Susan Evans, a skin care specialist and director of dermatology at her Beverly Hills practice, Cosmetic Physicians of Beverly Hills. Evans is creator of Cosmeceuticals, a line of specialty skin care products with natural ingredients, moisturizers, sun-screens, antioxidants, and exfoliants to help reduce aging, protect skin from damage, and prevent acne. Dr. Evans took time out from her celebrity clients to talk with the Wellness Insider at BlackEnterprise.com about the three tips you should follow to keep skin healthy and make a strong impression.

1) Protect yourself from the Sun. The ozone layer is not what it used to be, says Evans who appears regularly on the television show Dr. 90210. It doesn’t matter if you have pigment in your skin Wear sunscreen.

2) Moisturize. Look for a moisturizer with antioxidants like Vitamin C and Vitamin E, says Evans who is also co-founder of the Skin Deformities and Research Foundation, a nonprofit organization.

3) Exfoliate. You will look better and feel better when you remove your old skin layer. You will get brighter skin with a healthy glow.

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Marcia Wade Talbert also contributed to this post.

  • Wahyu

    Someone mnetioned washing the face with glycolic acid, benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, but I’d heard that the ingredients just go right down the sink drain and that they might irritate the eyes.